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Brief history of BankTaiwan Life

BankTaiwan Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (BTLI) is the successor entity to the Life Insurance Department of the Central Trust of China. When the Central Trust of China was founded in October of 1935, it had an Insurance Division that operated marine, fire, and life insurance businesses. In March 1941 the company set up a specialized Life Insurance Department, and on June 1, 1950, the Department launched a military servicemen’s insurance business. After Central Trust of China and Bank of Taiwan (BOT) merged on July 1, 2007, the Central Trust of China’s Life Insurance Department was renamed the Bank of Taiwan Department of Insurance.

Taiwan Financial Holding Co., Ltd. (TFH) was founded on January 1, 2008; then on January 2 the BOT Department of Insurance was spun off as a life insurance subsidiary, BankTaiwan Life Insurance (BTLI), the only government-owned life insurance company in Taiwan operating as a company. BTLI conducts life insurance, personal accident insurance, health insurance, and annuity insurance business; acts on behalf of the government in running military personnel insurance and insurance for men serving alternative military service; extends other business approved by the supervisory authority; uses the TFH Group’s resources and integrated marketing platform to provide high-quality insurance products to the Group’s channel customer segments; and continually expands its diverse channels, thus growing the scale of its services daily. BTLI is a high-quality government owned insurance company that commands great trust and satisfaction among its customers.