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Finance Building past and present

Aiguo West Road Site
Construction of the Finance Building, located at No. 2 Aiguo West Road, was started in September 1969. Before the opening of the Finance Building, the office environment of the Ministry of Finance(MOF) in the early stage of the relocation to Taiwan was quite difficult. Due to the ongoing war in the Taiwan Strait, there was an emergency evacuation plan.
In the early days of the government's relocation to Taiwan, the MOF temporarily worked at the Jie Shou Hall of the Presidential Palace. Later it purchased a reinforced concrete house in Section 2, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei City. This house was exchanged with the Taiwan Provincial Government's camphor factory on Nanchang Road, increasing office space a little.
In July 1967, the MOF requested the Taiwan Provincial Government to allocate part of the vacant land of the provincial camphor factory to rebuild the Finance Building to facilitate business operations and Joint office. Construction was officially started in September 1969 and completed in March 1971. At the beginning of April, MOF moved to the new site.
The Finance Building was 8-stories high, with a base area of 3,462 square meters and a total building area of 8,008 square meters. The building is rectangular as a whole, wider from east to west and narrower from north to south.
In February 1981, the Organization Law of the MOF was amended. In the same year, the Treasury Department and the Taxation Department of the MOF also amended the organizational regulations respectively to increase the number of organizations and staff. Construction of a new building was completed in April 1988. The new building is nearly the same as the old building, with a space of only about 10 meters between them. The total base area of the old and new buildings is 7,082 square meters, and the building area is 16,328.78 square meters, all of which are used for office buildings.
In addition to the construction of the Finance Building, the MOF also purchased an evacuation office due to the tense situation in the Taiwan Strait. After the Battle of Yijiangshan in January 1955, the national army was transferred from Daxie Island. The government instructed various agencies to take precautions and prepare wartime office locations in advance according to the possible needs of the war situation. At the end of the same year, the MOF formed an evacuation office housing preparatory team and purchased 15,673 square meters of land in Xindian, Taipei County to build an evacuation office, which was completed in 1956. After 1965, this office space was dedicated to the Archives Section.
The building in 2010 was assessed for its earthquake resistance. It did not meet the current regulations and standards. The safety of the building was at risk. It had to be structurally reinforced or demolished for new construction. The chloride ion content of some floors of the building was too high, and it could not be completely improved after reinforcement. In order to ensure the safety of colleagues in the office, its relocation was planned.
Financial Park
On September 17, 2018, the MOF(including the Treasury Department and the Taxation Department co-located) officially moved to the "Financial Park Finance Building No. 1, Lane 142, Section 6, Roosevelt Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City.
The site of the Finance Building in the Finance Park was originally the Taipei Altar Association, which was affiliated with the first factory of the Glass Branch of Taiwan Industrial and Mining Co., Ltd., the bottle-making factory of the Taiwan Tobacco and Alcohol Public Sales Bureau as well as the staff training center of the Taiwan Tobacco and Alcohol Public Sales Bureau. In July 2002, the Taiwan Provincial Tobacco and Alcohol Public Sales Bureau was restructured into Taiwan Tobacco and Alcohol Co., Ltd. The original buildings and land were handed over to the State-owned Assets Administration of MOF. In October 2002, it was transferred to the Financial Personnel Training Institute of the Ministry of Finance as a talent training park.
The base area of the Finance Building in the Finance Park is 3.52 hectares. There now stands one original building. After the 921 earthquake, the structure was damaged and the facilities were outdated. It needs to be strengthened and updated urgently.
In order to reduce the financial pressure of the government in preparing for the construction of office buildings, it has promoted providing state-owned land superficial rights to cooperate with private developers to develop it. Consequently cooperative developers will build office buildings for the government. MOF's Financial Personnel Training Institute and its surrounding state-owned land cooperative development project, with a development area of 3.52 hectares, 2013 was won by Huagu Construction Co. Ltd., After the completion of the development, the MOF obtained the Jingmei government office building, student dormitory. And financial training center structural reinforcement and exterior wall decoration.
In May 2013 signed a cooperative development contract with a partner manufacturer. In 2017 the cooperative developer completed the construction of the office building, the student dormitory, and the renovation of the financial training center. After completing the ownership transfer registration, it is state-owned, and the Executive Yuan approved it on October 25 of the same year. On November 3, the change registration of the management agency was completed. On September 17, 2017, MOF, the Treasury Department, and the Taxation Department entered the Jingmei Office Building.
The Finance Building of Finance Park is a steel-frame building with 15 floors above ground and 2 floors underground, with a total floor area of 30,383.43 square meters. It was invested in and constructed by Huagu Construction Co., Ltd., built by Pinxing Construction Co., Ltd., and Pan Ji United Architects Design supervision. This project started in October 2014 and was completed in March 2017. It was awarded the Gold-level Green Building and Smart Building Label by the Ministry of the Interior and won the 2014 World Chinese Architects Association Residential and Residential Design Award "Residential Complex Excellent