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Historical Materials Related to the National Property Development Fund

To handle the development and utilization of national properties, the Ministry of Finance has approved the establishment of the “National Property Development Fund” three times in 1974, 1987, and 2010. The Fund was established for the first time in 1974, mainly in response to needs in clearance of occupancy and deforestation reclamation, afforestation, and homeland security, with respect to the forest farms in Taitung County and Chiayi County which were commissioned to Land Bank of Taiwan as an acting administrator. There, TWD 10 million was appropriated from the National Treasury to the National Property Bureau (which was adjusted to National Property Administration (NPA) on January 1, 2013) which, in turn, transferred such funds to the Land Bank of Taiwan to meet the needs mentioned above. After the establishment of the Fund, there were no other earnings associated with the funds, and due to a cut-back of the funds by the government, the Fund was abolished in 1978. The Fund was established for the second time in 1987, mainly for the implementation of the Plan for Disposal of Large-scale Public Lands, and was approved by the Executive Yuan in 1983, specifically for the building of the demonstration Xinyi Building. Considering that the housing construction project and the financial revenue and expenditure matters were extremely heavy, which could not be solved by ordinary public budgets, the Fund was reported to the Executive Yuan for approval. Accordingly, the Fund was approved for establishment, and TWD 10 million was appropriated from the National Treasury to facilitate the operation. Later, at the third meeting of the third session of the Legislative Yuan, when reviewing the 1998 general budgets for agencies subordinate to the central government, a resolution was reached: “The National Property Development Fund would be listed in the 1998 budget, yet would be abolished as of 1999. Accordingly, the administrative departments should be resorted to for the related business.” Hence, the abolishment of the Fund since 1999. The Fund was established for the third time in 2010, mainly for the flexible development and utilization of large-scale national lands, and the enhancement of the efficiency of the management of national properties. The proposal submitted by the Ministry of Finance was approved by the Executive Yuan via Letter No. Yuan-Shou-Zhu-Xiao-I-zi-0980004819 dated August 6, 2009. On July 3, 2018, the National Development Council held a meeting to discuss matters related to the “Review of the Exit of Non-Operating Special Funds”. Considering that the National Property Development Fund had completed its phased work, a resolution was reached that the fund would exit from the budget in 2019. Accordingly, the Fund was abolished again in 2019.